ASIA TRY in Mongollia 2011

Every two years the ASIA TRY will conduct at one of each countries of Kokorozashi IL international network members. In this year, under organized by Universal Progress Independent Living Center, the ASIA TRY 2011 was conducted in Mongolia from 26 June to 5 July, aims to promote independent living movement, people with disability rights and barrier-free environment. The TRY movement has divided by three potentially groups walking along these cities and make a negotiation with the city bureaus of local government, such as Ulaanbaatar group, Nuur group and Darchan group.

The participants are from coming from Asia countries such as Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Nepal, Taiwan and Cambodia aims to promote an independent living movement in particularly and people with disability rights to live in fully participation in society. Otherwise, Asia TRY movement also penetrates about disabilities needs to government and communities to accept to change the old culture and to change negative thinking on disabled aspire to build a new one society for all. In addition, a member from Asia nations has sharing experiences concerning persons with disabilities rights promotion to live a life to be individual become independent.

Other more, the TRY event also bring all group nations to be good friends, be fall in love and we were feel as a families, in Japanese called [ Ichi gan! ]


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