Mr. Mey Samith, Executive Director

PPCIL’s main goal is to disseminate an Independent Living movement concept, disability inclusion, barrier-free movement and providing personal assistant service to people with severe disability in the community in order to create a personal assistance system in the national level.

Grassroots of people with disabilities have been involving in the project activities when PPCIL conducts an event of Community Training on disability issue and widespread an independent living movement and disability inclusion to become the best way to promote the rights of people with disabilities in our communities. All participants with disabilities attended our events/trainings/workshops/seminars have always received positive ideas about disability and known themselves more clearly by focusing on the important concepts of disability. In addition, they can share how to build capacity as well as their experiences to other people in the community.

I would like to thank all of those who helped to make this project a success; staff members, volunteer workers, financial supporters and sponsors; our achievements would have been impossible without them. The project has helped a great many disabled people during this period and we have expansive plans for the future so I solicit their continued support and assistance.

Sincerely yours, 

Mey Samith

Founder/Executive Director