Core Activities at Independent Living Centers

Core  services and explanations are listed below:

  • Information and Referrals – ILC provides assistance in answering disability-related questions. 
  • Advocacy– There are two types of advocacy provided at the ILC: systemic and personal. Systemic advocacy attempts to change laws and attitudes surrounding disability. Personal advocacy is a type of problem-solving designed to protect personal and legal rights and ensure a dignified existence.                                                                                                                                       
  • Independent Living Skills– Independent living skills consist of gaining instruction and mastery of the following areas: health and safety, community resources, meal planning and nutrition, self-advocacy, sexual awareness, Personal Assistant management, household management, recreation and leisure, and money management. The integration and full participation of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of society is the desired outcome.
  • Assistive Technology– Assistive Technology (AT) assists persons with disabilities to live and work as independently as possible. AT is any adaptive aid used by a person with a disability to function independently. Some examples are wheelchairs, ramps, and computer voice recognition software.
  • Peer Counseling – ILC provides support, advice and role models for people who want to live more independently.                                                                                                                                        
  • Personal Assistance Services– Many persons with disabilities require personal assistants (PAs) in order to live independently. PAs assist consumers with a wide variety of duties, including personal care, shopping, housework and cooking.                                                                                   
  • Housing – ILC offers one-on-one assistance to qualified consumers in locating affordable and accessible housing, as well as to access housing related programs.