Kroya Khmer Dry Fruits Production


Empowerment and Employment Promotion for Disability (EEPD) Project was established in 2014 under JICA Partnership Program (JPP) which is implemented by Familiar Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Phnom Penh Center for Independent Living (PPCIL). The project goal is to empower the life and ability of persons with disabilities in Phnom Penh City through running a Dried Fruit Factory that will greatly help promote the employment of persons with disabilities. The project is officially acknowledged and supported by the Ministry of Social Affair, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) and Disability Action Council (DAC). 


To generate and promote employment opportunities and the social participation of persons with disabilities through building a model small business operation (dried fruits factory) designated to accommodate persons with disabilities and completely staffed by persons with disabilities. 

To successfully achieve its goal, EEDP has focused on four approaches as follows: 

  • Promoting the barrier-free working environment and creating job opportunities for persons with disabilities. Within this approach, we constructed a business model that not only hire persons with disabilities to work but also make a good and continuing business model through processing and selling agricultural products.
  • Demonstrating a great ability and potentiality of persons with disabilities that they can produce dried fruits with high quality. This approach is about the encouragement of employment of persons with disabilities. Since we need to cooperate with other companies and communities to solve the problem of employing persons with disabilities, we would encourage private companies to hire persons with disabilities and introduce them to whom want to work. We have planned to support companies to create good working environment where persons with disabilities can work easily, and also support them after getting job by follow-up care. 
  • Building a business model for other enterprises, companies and governmental institutions to hire persons with disabilities. EEPD has had a barrier-free environment factory where persons find it accessible to work. 
  • developing processed goods in agriculture through which persons with disabilities can work. We have run a small Dried Fruits Factory which all of the products such as dried fruits and cakes are produced by persons with disabilities.


EEDP has many kinds of dried fruits products, cakes, breads, cookies, etc, under Kroya Khmer brand name, produced by people with disabilities with special design and packaging; great taste; and high quality that would meet the demand and preferences of people today. The specialty of our products is non-toxic chemical substances being used in the production process of production, and all raw materials, such as fruits, are taken from inside the country, which can be a big part of promoting the livelihood and family of people with disabilities and the nation economic.

Moringa and Fruits Powder

Cookies and Cakes

5: Financier (Cashew nut cake) 

Dried Fruits

When a workplace is accessible; and has Access Ramp, accessible toilet, parking space designed suitably for PWDs, it means that workplace has a Barrier-Free Environment. Therefore, PWDs will have no more challenges or difficulties when there is a Barrier-Free Environment for them.