Turning Point Program – visiting homes of persons with disabilities

The Turning Point Program made a few visits to people with disabilities in various communities in Batheay district, Kampong Cham province on August 19 – 20, 2016. The main purpose of the visit is to study about the real situation of persons with disabilities: their daily living and activities. Additionally, during the two weeks studying in Cambodia on people with disabilities, trainees of Turning Point Program, Mr. Ryusei wanted to learn about what those people with disabilities can do to support their living, what obstacles they have faced, how much education they have, and how Center for Independent Living Mainstream Association (CILMSA) from Japan can help them. Furthermore, the members from CILMSA shared good life experience of themselves and the situation of people with disabilities in Japan to all people with disabilities they visited; also, they encouraged them to go out to see their friends in community to refresh their mind. Generally, CILMSA members want all of them to have better lives and to fully involve with the society.

visiting home of PWD1

visiting home of PWD

visiting home of PWD2

visiting home of PWD

visiting home of PWD3

visiting home of PWD

TPP posted on Newspaper in JP

Turning Point Program Aware to post on news paper in Japan