HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sightseeing trip of people with severe disabilities

On 11 April, 2012 PPCIL has organized the first event that never have before which have been invited all severely disabled persons who are currently using our personal assistant (PA) service and university students together with PPCIL staff to visit the royal palace and Kohdach resort where the place having beach and as affluent of Mekong river).

The objective of this event is; in very year when the New Year celebration, unlucky all disabled persons are always stay at home and they do not have a chance to go out with their family or friend. When the PPCIL was established since 2009, PPCIL has new vision as well as new concept regarding IL movement, has created PA service to assisting severe disabled persons at their house. As now severe disabled people they able to using PA service they be able to do anything by themselves in life-living as they can go out, playing as well as see friend especially they can chose, decided and responsible for their own life.
This year we encourage severe disabled persons to use PA to go out for getting new experience of life that they never met before regarding sightseeing trip event.

This event it was start from 7:00clock in the morning, all staff are getting on the van and direct from office go to pick up other 5 people with severe disabilities from their home are located in urban of Phnom Penh. We have spent about 3 hours to pick them up so we arrived at royal palace about 10:30am, immediately start to visit royal palace on 11:00am. Actually, we were really enjoy with our visiting unfortunately the time is limited we have to leave from royal palace at 12:00pm to Kohdach resort for have lunch there because everyone are do not have breakfast.
Note: from royal palace to Kohdach resort take about 1hour and half due we have to use ferry boat across Mekong River to reach the resort.

After lunch, everyone was enjoying with swimming in the river.
All people severe disabilities are never going out to somewhere with their family or friend in the New Year, this is the first time that PPCIL conducted they were very much enjoyed. As well as university student, when they were becoming PA volunteer they are very much happy to join all activity of IL center. For example: Ms. Vong, Mr. Nhip and Ms. Ly who are severe disabled persons and other disabled persons are very pleased to visit these places.

Enclosed with our enjoyment, we also have some difficulties that; 4 female with severe disabled people together with us but have we have only 2 PA to assist so that it very difficult to assisting when they need to go toilet or having lunch. However, our 2 PA volunteers they were trying a lot to do this job. Especially, Ms. Soriya she’s quiet new PA, she have received PA training in 7 April and she start assist disabled people in the event. She’s not enough good experience but Ms. Monirath who is our existing volunteer try to teach her during the real practice. Other one more thing is accompany with us we have 7 manual wheelchairs unable to get on one van so that we decided to ask other tricycle motorbike to take only wheelchair. So it takes too much time to get on and take off.
It is very fantastic times that together are trying to make a Rights Real in order to take equality in the society without any barriers.

We leaving from Kohdach resort about 5:00pm and we sent off severe disabled people back home till 8:00pm.