Attendant Training

On December 27-28, 2015, Phnom Penh Center for Independent Living (PPCIL) in collaboration with Cambodian Development Mission for Disability (CDMD) conducted a Personal Assistant (PA) Training to ten new volunteers to be PAs, who are students from different universities in Phnom Penh, at PPCIL office. The main purpose of the training is to have all new PAs well understand and know the sequence of how to assist people with severe disabilities with their daily activities such as changing clothes, bathing, pushing and lifting a person in a wheelchair up and down on steps and other areas that people with severe disabilities cannot access to; and to apply to these sequences, all PAs were asked to take real practices to see how much they understood from the lecture and what they have to do to help people with severe disabilities. The training also teaches PAs on how to identify and refer persons with severe disabilities who need health care and rehabilitation services.

After training, all ten PAs are seen to know and understand well about the disability concepts; who a person with disability is; and what abstract and concrete obstacles for people with disabilities are through the slides presenting and lecturing by CDMD Senior Technical Team and the practice in assisting people with severe disabilities by PPCIL Team.

The trainer introduce to how to assist person with disability while sitting on the wheelchair

Trainers trained on how to assist person with disability while sitting on the wheelchair