Wheelchair Distribution Ceremony

Wheelchair is the necessary tool for people with disabilities who cannot walk to help them move easily and independently for work, going to school or training and participating in community activities as well as supporting their family living. PPCIL who the one organization working for providing services to persons with severe disabilities, trying hard to seek for potential donors to support whatever to persons with disabilities to have a fully participate in social activities. As a result, Ms. Kaithri and many other Singaporean friends have been donated 20 wheelchairs are local products which produced by AAR WCD to PPCIL for distribution to persons with severe disabilities.

PPCIL has conducted wheelchair distribution ceremony on July 25, 2015 and invited vice-governor of Porsenchey district office Ms. Em Thavy, to presided over wheelchair distribution ceremony. As the local government have strongly support to PPCIL’s activities, we got a sum of five hundred thousand RIEL (KHR 500,000) from district office to support our activities.

PPCIL would like to thank you for your great donation 20 new wheelchairs Cambodian product to persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life in their community. We hope that you will support and continue to work very closely with PPCIL in the future.

Here under are the name of the donors that support 20 wheelchairs;

1. Mr. Annaimalai

2. Ms. Catherine Du

3. Ms. Margaret

4. Mr. Karthik

5. Ms. Yee Tyng

6. Mr. M Syed Masuthu Bin M Maideen

7. Ms. Fong May Har

8. Ms. Shamini

9. Ms. Ho Ying Ying

10. Ms. Kaithri Dio Krishnaveni

11. Mr. Mogan Gunasakaran

Symbolic Wheelchairs Handover

Symbolic Wheelchairs Handover


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