Personal Assistant Training

On November 29, 2015, PPCIL conducted a Personal Assistant Training for new persons who are willing to be personal assistants (PA) to assist people with severe disabilities in daily living. There were 6 students from different universities invited to the training.

Being a PA is complicated; it requires all PAs to have a real understanding of what Independent Living means to people with severe disabilities. The independent living comes from the people with severe disabilities’ movement and is a way of living. It means that you may be asked to carry out a particular task in a manner that you would hardly ever experience it at your own home. This could be a particular way of task such as transferring from wheelchair to bed and from bed to wheelchair, pushing wheelchair, taking shower, toileting, cooking and serving a meal ect…

It is very important for persons with severe disabilities that PAs are able to understand that the job of a PA is about doing what “my hands and legs are not able to do but my mind”.PA Training 29112015